Sunday, August 28, 2011

Punch Storage Board.... Finally!!

Hi Girls.....
Wait till ya see what my DH,  did for me!!

I have been asking him to do the towel bars from Ikea, that I have been seeing
around and he kept telling me, "I'm not putting that many holes in the walls!" (he hates putting anything on the walls) he'd rather buy me a cabinet, than put holes in the walls:(

Well this is the solution he came up with, so now there is ONLY a FEW holes in the wall!  And MUCH Cheaper, the whole thing, less than 30.00!  Good more saved to buy more punches, LOL
These are 2 boards 2ft X 2ft X 1/2" , and he put the 4 small curtain rods (22" X 2") on each board, and my SU punches fit fine!, so do my MS corner punches
The MS border punches, need about a 3/4" pc of molding behind the bar, they lean back to far, but thats an easy fix
I'm just glad I FINALLY have somewhere to store my punches for easy access!

Thank You Honey!!!  :)


  1. I love it! How wonderful that your Hubby made this for you!! :)

  2. Great storage space for your punches! I love this :-)
    To answer your question about Kraft coloring:
    Well prismas are opaque so they cover quite easily. But I generally use about 10 layers of color for skin. (thats just what it takes to get the shade I want) For other things like dresses etc I may only use 3-5 and you see it covers ok. The Kraft cardstock is nice and toothy and grabs the color real well. I actually prefer it over white cardstock.

  3. What a great idea! I have my punches stored in photo boxes and it is the pits! I need to come up with something different....this is a great idea!

  4. What a fantastic idea! I saved the pic you posted so I can show MY hubby! lol!